"Pour the poison in your brothers cup tonight" - DU BELLOWS

Indie | Thursday 9th February 2017 | Tom

There are too many bands around nowadays that rely on volume and in your face tactics when performing, well this act is not one of those. Constructing songs with solid melodies and rhythms, Du Bellows can fully strip back their tracks (As they do regularly) and still mesmerize you with their sweet songs.

Originally from Wales, lead singer Jade Danielle Williams has a voice which combined with brilliant wordplay could narrate the darkest days of your life and still leave you with feelings of positivity and (why not) hope! Meeting at an open mic night it truly is the most organic tale of the formation of musicians. Suming up this powerful quartet I would say blues influenced melodies guided with a powerful soul orientated voice.

A sure favourite of this writer has to be 'Dry Flowers'. A song that captivates you in a story of what every human knows all too well. The journey of love, its inevitable ending and some of the bad decisions we can make in its downfall. It is pure genius in the sense of storytelling. Make sure to check out Ealing's finest Du Bellows as they grace the stage at the Hope & Anchor with Dead Dollar Days and Forfeits on Thursday 23rd of February.

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