After kicking off Viper's 100 series Bmotion chats to Guestlist

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 8th February 2017 | Arren

This Welsh producer has fired out a banger to kick off the Viper 100 series.

BMotion is a name that's been churning out tracks recently. The producer from Wales has had his tunes picked up by the drum & bass elite, and as such as seen himself really propelled to centre stage.

It didn't take him long to get noticed and it was Viper who caught him. First releasing with them in 2014, he's been appearing on the label ever so often since - and along with Dossa & Locuzzed he's just kicked off the label's Viper 100 series.

We had a quick chat with the Welshman following the release to see how's he got to this point and what's next.

Hey how are you?
Hey I’m very well thanks! Hope you’re good too!

What have you been up to so far this year?
2017 has gotten off to a great start! In the first month more has happened than most of last year to be honest, which is great! The general plans for 2017 is to release as much good music as possible and enjoy it along the way. Positive vibes all round this year!

Where are you based?
I’m based in Caerphilly, South Wales, where I have recently purchased my first home! Getting all grown up and stuff.

Have you thought about moving to a big city like Manchester, Bristol or here in London?
I have thought of moving closer to London in the past. But as everyone is aware house prices are ridiculous, and I also enjoy the outdoors. Being where I am I have the town centre, ten minutes walk one way and endless mountains 5 minutes the other! Which is perfect when you’re partial to rolling in mud.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with music. How it started, what keeps you interested in it?
I have been involved with music from day 1. My father is a jazz pianist and I grew up in a pub which held live music events pretty much daily. My main instrument is drums, but I always felt like I wanted to be more involved melodically, so I took up guitar. Still that didn’t satisfy me, so I got into production. This was the perfect remedy for creating whatever I could think of and having unlimited instruments at my disposal. I don’t think I could ever get bored of writing music.

And what was your first experience with drum & bass?
I’m pretty sure my first experience was when my friend came over and showed me a Pendulum video or something like that. I’d never heard much electronic music at this point and whatever the track was got me hooked instantly. I spent weeks looking across the internet trying to find that song again and what this music was! This led me to stumble across DJ Hype’s show on Kiss, which I used to listen to regularly. I didn’t realise that drum & bass was made up of short tracks, so all my early works were like 15 minutes long.

It didn't take long for your music to get picked up by the best, tell us a little about how it all started?
I first started getting a little bit of notice when I entered a competition on SoundCloud and won! I completely forgot I entered until people messaged me saying well done. I looked through and discovered the good news! That same track was played on the Hospital records podcast as well. This then led to a few small labels getting in touch, with my first ever release on Rush Records, and later a few releases with Soulvent Records. One of the tracks with Soulvent called 'Circles' got featured on UKF and from here I was contacted by what became my manager for a little while and it all grew from there.

When did you start working with Viper?
Viper came around through my previous manager who sent a few tracks to Brendan Futurebound. Apparently, he was interested straight away, which was obviously great news! My first contact with him was a phone call, but he happened to be in Canada at the time and it was like 5am or something, so that first convo was short but we had another chat a few days later and went from there.

How do you find working with Viper?
Great! Viper don’t put any pressure on you to go in any certain direction or do certain things, and you have a team of people who’ve been in the business for years and have a wealth of experience to help guide you when you need it, which is a lot in my case!

You've kicked off their Viper 100 series - must be really part of the family now?!
And what an honour it is! I must be the annoying little cousin or something.

Did you know the track would be used for this special occasion?
Didn’t know it was going to be for this at first, but after the track started to take shape I think it was decided that’s when it would be released.

How was it working with Dossa & Locuzzed?
It was a pretty quick process to be honest. I’ve had the basis for 'Love Blind' sitting on my hard drive for years, in quite a few different forms but it never quite clicked. Asad, our manager, had the great idea of sending it to the guys to see what they could do with it. They came back with what it is now, and totally smashed it! I really like how they kept all my original ideas and sculpted around them as apposed to remixing it, as I said they just killed it.

If you're not producing or DJing what can we expect to find you doing?
Getting covered in mud going as fast as possible as I can, on my bike down mountains. Occasionally having fights with trees and loosing. And those pesky brambles can do one and all!

What ideas have changed your life?
One piece of advice that has changed my life came from my guru/life coach/manager Asad. Basically ‘there’s always time.’ It took me a while to fully understand but when it clicks you’ll love it.

If you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would it be?
Either caramel shortbread, or chocolate cake. Neither of which would be any good for swimming, but I suck at swimming, and win at eating. So all would be good.

Who would be in your ultimate band?
Nile Rogers, Tony Williams (drummer), Ella Fitzgerald and Charles Mingus. Simply because they are all amazing.

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