Forever the Sickest Kids Are Back !

Indie | Thursday 4th July 2013 | Keshav

It’s been a tough road for Forever the Sickest Kids. The band originally formed in 2008 with six members and lucrative deal from Universal Mowtown Music and things looked promising for the boys from Texas. The band quickly dropped their self - titled debut to critical acclaim. It seemed as though they were turning heads due to their fast energetic choruses and cleverly written lyrics. Breaking out in the pop punk genre has never been easy and ever since bands such as Blink-182, Sum 41 and New Found Glory glammed up the genre a huge wave of new bands are set to hit the scene. In 2011 the band was thrown into despair as their label was shut down. However, one thing that sets apart this band from a lot of others is their determination and commitment to making music.  It’s no wonder when they play a show, fans sing along to every single word.

The band quickly got back up on their feet and released The Weekend: Friday an EP which catapulted them to fame. Songs such as ‘What Do You Want From Me?’  And ‘She Likes (Bittersweet Love)'  were championed by various radio stations and TV channels and became commercial hits. However, the real gems of the album were songs such as ‘Hip Hop Kid’ or ‘ Do or Die’, these songs showed a comical yet different aspect of the bands musical talent of which is no doubt they have a lot.

The band were rocked by more problems when they failed to release The Weekend: Saturday. Instead, via the power of pledging sites they released another self-titled album. Forever the Sickest Kids was not as successful as first thought, however, a string of headline shows with bands such as We Are the in crowd and Breathe Carolina meant fans were not left feeling disappointed.

The band experienced the loss of two members and after inking a deal with Fearless Records geared up for their newest release J.A.C.K. The now quartet put out snippets leading up to the records launch and a string of shows sent excitement to fever pitch. The album was streamed online to a rapturous reception. Singles such as ‘Chin Up Kid’ really show that the band is back. Not losing any of their authenticity while still managing to grow musically puts them in good stead to have many successful years to come !  

Keshav Kapoor