Fresh German R&B that melts in your ears

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 23rd January 2017 | Josef

Ace Tee’s viral success is a mystery. Almost completely unknown in even her own country the Hamburg native’s tune ‘Bist Du Down?’ came out just before New Year to almost no reaction outside of her home town. That all changed when one tweet and a few thousand re-tweets later the song and the video with it started blowing up blogs in the UK and the US, including NPR, Fact and even a feature in US Vogue.

How has an R’n’B tune sung entirely in German got so much attention in the states? With over half a million plays on Spotify even the German’s are puzzled, I mean its not as if the muffled keys and dusty drum loops  ‘Bist Du Down?’ are going for mass appeal either. German newspaper SZ reckon its the music video’s style that has grabbed US attention but the tune is more than just a fashion shoot soundtrack. Ace Tee’s slurred vocals are on point and Plusma’s production captures the nostalgia of your favourite TLC and SWV tracks while at the same time bringing new vibes to the table. Ace Tee is 2017’s first break out R’n’B star; who knew she would be German? 

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