The xx release I See You

Indie | Sunday 15th January 2017 | Cristina

Two days ago, British indie pop band the XX released their third studio album, I See You, on the Young Turks label.

Thank god the band is back - it feels like music, the charts especially, suffers a relapse into hyperactivity and four to the floor-paced rollicking when the xx retreat into the studio or on tour.

Their chilled-out sound was fresh and starkly unique when it emerged in 2009 with their eponymous debut. A critical success, no one expected the band to have reached the heights they’ve climbed to.

Probably owing much to band member Jamie xx’s solo career, the band’s tunes and social status grew more mainstream as years passed, but magically, remained original and touching.

The band met while studying at Elliott School in London’s Putney, the same school that produced Hot Chip, Burial, Four Tet and Pierce Brosnan. Doing their upbringing proud, their new album is a departure from their old sound and has become more electronic, energetic and uplifting.

The dark cloud has lifted from the xx’s mood and atmosphere, revealing a sunny, hopeful lyricism. The vocals, percussion and instrumentation are just as gentle and relaxing as ever, maintaining the xx’s signature style.