The Syrian Eye: a story of life as a refugee in Greece

Other | Friday 6th January 2017 | The Syrian Eye

I left Syria 15 months ago, fleeing war and hoping to get to Europe so I could help my family. The first stop was Turkey, where I worked in a clothes factory for four months (earning the equivalent of £156 a month). After four months I was able to head to Greece, saving enough to be smuggled to Mytilene.

After arriving in Greece I headed to Macedonia but the bus stopped in Idomeni and told us it wasn't able to go any further. Idomeni was a makeshift camp with up to 17,000 people waiting at the northern border hoping to cross over to Macedonia. Unfortunately one week after I arrived in Idomeni the Greek/Macedonian border closed and I have been stuck in Greece since. 

I am a Syrian refugee and proud. I'm taking photographs of my life so you can see what life is like for refugees in Greece.

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As the camp empties out and more and more families are moved to hotels and apartments, this young boy is content and happy playing by himself. I hope his family are moved to a hotel or apartment soon so he doesn't have to play on the dirty concrete floors of the camp.

This is Sindos Karamalis. These sisters are so happy and always laughing, they give me hope and strength. I know they can't quite comprehend the hardships they and their family are currently experiencing. But thank God for their resilience, it is that which keeps us strong not only their family.

I took this photo of these young brothers in Sindos Karamalis camp. This picture makes me think of my own family. As much as I miss my 5 siblings more than I can express I would not want any one of them to endure the last 15 months of my life. I hope history does not repeat its self so another generation can avoid this turmoil. We are exhausted physically and mentally. 

There is news that Sindos Karamalis will be closing and all the remaining residents will be relocated to apartments or hotels. I hope this happens sooner rather than later and benefits everybody able to leave the camp. I hope all the camps close soon as winter in Greece is very harsh especially on the elderly and babies. Allah is with you all

Today we helped refugees living on the streets. We spoke to them this afternoon and gave them hats and gloves and scarves. I spoke to these girls mother and she said they and their siblings needed hot milk and orange juice. In the evening we went back with hot milk, orange juice, cake and chocolates. When I see a refugee I feel like they are my family as I know what they are going through and we are all human! Thank you Ellie and Tania you have helped me so much and without your help I wouldn't be able to help others