Syria Gas Attack: Letter From A Syrian Relief Worker On What You Can Do To Help

Other | Monday 10th April 2017 | Wild

Last week was another heart-breaking one for Syria, yet one which reached new levels of intolerable grotesqueness for humanity.

While the media rustles around misinforming us and giving us different shades of propaganda, and we are here trying to figure out what lies are being told for what purpose, 30,000-35,000 people have been left homeless in the Idlib region, and are still struggling to survive.

Images of destruction and devastation, animals lying dead on the side of the road and ruins of buildings, unrecognisable to the places that were once called home. Family members left mourning, fathers, mothers and even children, not just having to deal with their own grief, but also having to think about how they will now make it to see another day.

Meanwhile.. airstrikes and chemical attacks haven’t  stopped with international assistance only arriving in the shape of more attacks or silence.

Although corruption and lies are certain, the real story is still to be clarified. What is of most importance however, in the meantime, is to ensure the damage done is minimised by coming to the assistance of those that are in need.

It is also important to increase the channels of communication with Syrian nationals, journalists and individuals that want to tell us their story and give us a clearer picture of what is going on and what we can really do to help.

In the search of seeking the truth and wanting to at least do something within our power, we have sought to bring about a message from a fellow Syrian Relief worker who, from the start of the conflict has been working tirelessly, all day, 7 days a week to help his people. His work and those working with him is inspirational to say the least and of paramount importance to the beneficiaries they are helping.

Here is what he had to say:

This last week has been filled with atrocities that have shaken us to our core and left many of us feeling hopeless. We watched helplessly as our children, mothers and fathers died in what is perhaps the cruelest form of warfare: Chemical warfare. These acts of violence in Idlib were the worst of their kind that we have seen so far, but they aren’t the first, and they certainly will not be the last. 

As the world reacts to the Syrian government’s chemical warfare against civilians, we, Syrians, are still in shock. But, we cannot stand by and we must swiftly react to help those who have been most devastated by these horrible events.

Walking around the city of Khan Shaykun today, it is like a ghost town with dead animals littering the ground and unexploded bombs waiting still to be detonated. Up to 60% of the population of 60,000 people has fled the city to the nearby villages and are deeply vulnerable. Most of them have nothing, having abandoned their chemical infested homes.

There is a desperate need for food, hygiene kits, cooking kits so that they can survive in these new stages of crisis that have over the last days reached heightened severity.

We at 'Kids Paradise', are determined to continue our duty to support those affected by this conflict. We were there on the day of the attack evacuating victims to safety. We were there in the first moment as first responders and are ready to continue to be there to raise the voices of those affected by this crisis.  

Thanks to you, we will continue our independent advocacy and life-saving assistance. Together we will ensure the voices of millions of refugees and IDPs are heard.

If you, like so many others feel outraged and want to do something to help, support this small yet vital organisation going and lets contribute to help these people survive.

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