What's Next for Black Lives after the Hashtag

Friday 16th December 2016 | Osh

Black Lives Matter the movement seems to be lacking the direction an actual black leader could provide. 

Wikipedia reads "The movement's originators, expanded their project into a national netork of local chapters, however it is a decentralized network and has no formal hierarchy. 

What does Black Lives Matter mean to you my brothers and sisters of the world?

We all need clear direction as to what the next moves should be as a people. I am all down for protesting as I am down for voting and I understand the neccesity for both but at the same time have seen ineffectiveness of protesting the war in Iraq, fracking and the treatment of Palestinians. 

As for voting I know hardly anytone who voted Brexit, voted to bomb Syria, voted conservative, voted for Trump, but still my side keeps losing. 

This means that we need to work on tasks such as empowing ourselves economically 

In fact, rather than "hands up don't shoot" a solid manifesto could be being shouted from the rooftops. 

Right now we could all be working on 

  • Building the black economy
  • Reinforcing the greatness of black culture
  • Countering the stereotypes, propaganda and fear
  • Developing brand black

The creative industry is coming together to do what they can. I think they could work well with the above ideas. What do you think?