Creative Director sets up peace initiative

Other | Wednesday 14th December 2016 | Cristina

The American creative director of Butler Shine Stern & Partners, Keith Cartwright, reacted to the news of black men being killed by police in 2016 by starting up a peace initiative across creative industries in the USA and abroad called Saturday Morning.

The title of the group refers to Martin Luther King’s description of Sundays as the most divisive day of the week, and points to hope for bringing people together as a force for change.

The group’s founders are Cartwright along with his friends and fellow industry members Geoff Edwards, Jayanta Jenkins and Jimmy Smith. He sent them a text asking to meet up and discuss the possibility of effecting change in a racist system, by mobilising the industries they work in.

The mission is to "build awareness, promote change and shift the overall perception that black lives are not as important as others." It invites leaders across technology, music, entertainment, advertising, media, art and design to partake in raising money, helping pass legislation, raising awareness or creating peace-based technology.

Find out more and get involved here.