Half Crown want to 'Start It Up'

Indie | Thursday 1st December 2016 | Christina

Half Crown release double A-side single ‘Start It Up/32 Teeth’.

The Brighton based five-piece are not afraid to borrow and mix different musical genres to create their upbeat rock/rap hyrbid sound. Both tracks are bonafide sing-along stompers with nods to their varied influences, which include Alex Turner, David Bowie, Bee Gee's and Andre 3000.

Continuing their DIY ethos they’ve put together a video for 'Start It Up', aided by their darker alter-ego band members. Frontman Louie explains: "Once you realise the potential gravity of an opportunity and the journey that's to follow, will you seize or will you freeze? This visual explores a surreal depiction of this 'inner turmoil' right at the precipice" 

With an LA tour sponsored by  Virgin Entertainment in the works, a performance at Virgin HQ, plus follow-up singles and a full EP it’s looking like 2017 will be a breakthrough year for Half Crown. 

Get 'Start It Up' here and follow Half Crown on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud