One to watch in 2017: Scully

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 30th November 2016 | Tom

I caught up with Reprezent Radio host and presenter Scully, ever informed on grassroots culture he told us which artists we had to watch out for and what 2017 had in store.


In three words sum up your mentality.


Consistent, intelligent and wavy.


2016 has been a big year for you, you hosted a discussion at the ICA, I was there but could you tell people who weren’t what went on?


Me and Joseph Walker started a new show called ‘Sunday Night Rider’ on Reprezent Radio, it’s a talk show which assesses the music industry through a socio-political lense.


The ICA wanted to do a panel show along the same lines. We discussed a number of topics including if it was possible for grime to go mainstream whilst remaining true to its black origins, we also discussed if black music could be accepted without being compromised. After the discussion there were about 30 grime mcs shelling it down so you could see what grime is about.


You have a show Friday 12-3 on Reprezent Radio called ‘The Wavelength’, what are the shows themes, what sort of music do you play?


I play whatever is on my wavelength, on the show I try and talk about politics, whats going on in the world, I also play the best in new music.


Tell us about the Politically Peak segment.


Politically Peak is a recurring feature, on the feature we try and break down, explain and ask questions about the biggest political news of the week. The aim of the segment is to make the news digestible for young people in the ends, people that are coming from a similar background.


Where else can we catch you?


Online, Twitter: isthatscully, lurking in and around your block with some suspicious looking characters. But yeah look out for me on social media platforms.


What do you believe is the number one issue facing young people in the UK? How can it be resolved?


Capitalism and outsourcing combined with rising rent prices, young people have to deal with it. I have several plans but they will be revealed when i'm running for Mayor or PM.


Can young people realistically control their own future?


Everyone has the power to control the word around them in any way that they want, but it is becoming increasingly difficult trying to work out how to take this control and use it.


What artists right now do you think we should be keeping an eye on?


OK these are the artists you have to watch out for: I am certain J-Grrey is going to have an amazing 2017, go and check her out right now. The BS collective are sick, Proton and ellzBS. Hardy Caprio is going to blow. Tala and Knucks. You need to listen to all of those.

2016 has been a big year for UK music, it seems like we were saying the same thing last year, why is the culture so strong at the moment?


Well the internet has helped make the world a smaller place, it has given everyone a platform and the power to find like minded people.


Do you have any projects that you’re working on?


There’s lots coming in 2017 that includes a podcast and a Youtube series, follow me on twitter @isthatscully to find out more.


What was the first song you listened to today?


The Clipse - Momma I'm So Sorry


If you could live in any period of history, anywhere, what would it be?


I was probably a pirate in my past life. But i’d like to actually go to the future to see if any future issues had been sorted out.


What has 2017 got in store for us?


2017 = More work, more content, more Scully and most importantly more change.


Any last words?

Stay wavy.

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