An interview with Ozzie producer Generik

House | Friday 25th November 2016 |

Australian producer Generik is the latest artist to collaborate with A*M*E on his new single 'Be There'. After a string of Aria club chart no1s, he's taking on the US and the UK. We caught up with the Ozzie to talk being on TV, J Lo and the LA music scene.

With a string of high profile appearances from playing main stage at LA’s HARD Summer, Lollapalooza and supporting Calvin Harris’ Las Vegas shows - what has been your favourite gig to date? 

I’ve been having so much fun playing some incredible shows all around the US. Lolla was a definite highlight - I had to fly straight from my show in Vegas, I almost didn’t make the show! Somehow I got there in the same clothes from the night before and it was awesome!

What was it like having a Las Vegas residency, do you have any crazy stories that you can share from it?

Las Vegas is such a unique place, there are so many people coming in and out of Vegas every single night that it’s like a new experience every time I play! Dancing with Jennifer Lopez at her birthday party is just one of the crazy things that happened there!

Your sets are always high energy sessions - how do you manage to keep up the energy throughout your performances? 

I really feed from the energy of the crowd! Looking out there seeing people have a great time always fuels you to takes your set to a new level! 

You’ve now moved to LA, do you think that LA music scene or America as a whole has affected your sound? 

Oh yeah for sure! I feel it’s important to know where you’re playing and to be able to adapt to it. I love LA, it’s definitely become a second home for me!

After having experience as a TV presenter, do you reckon you’ll ever go back into the TV world or progress into acting? 

I’d love to one day! I don’t see myself acting at all, but I do like the attention and craziness of being in front of the camera!

Do you have any exciting tour dates coming up or releases in the pipeline? 

ATM I’m back in Australia touring around the country! I’m constantly working in the studio and there will be a bunch of remixes and club records coming soon! Thanks for the chat!