Guestlist Review: The Adverts Of Xmas '16

Other | Friday 18th November 2016 | Tom

With Christmas about a month away the corporations have decided it is the perfect time to emotionally blackmail us into spending some money. This will be achieved through increasingly high budget adverts designed to turn the festive period into a shopping frenzy. Watch our selection here.


This advert has caused some controversy. The story, featuring vocals from James Corden is of a Dad trying to find a work/life balance whilst buying presents for his family, nice enough? Until a Sainsbury’s employee tweeted that he had been told to work both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.


At least Tesco aren’t trying to BS anyone. This is an advert trying to reassure people it’s not too early to start spending money on christmas items. No frills. It’s the Christmas advert version of BREXIT, it’s gonna be tough, you know it’s coming, the best you can do is prepare for it.

Marks and Spencer's

This is an advert that tells you a lot about M&S’s customer base as Mrs Claus saves her husband’s fat ass. Mrs Claus burns through a helicopter tank full of fuel to deliver a pair of trainers, if this represents how companies like M&S really transport their goods then the environment must be pretty fucked.

John Lewis

This John Lewis advert has faced controversy as it features rabid foxes and a number of other inner city animals bouncing up and down on a kids trampoline. Sorry Santa you’ll be visiting Stacey in hospital this year as she’s contracted TB.