Groovefest In Malta Majorly Popped Off!

Other | Thursday 5th May 2016 | Osh

The Guestlist crew have just returned from 5 days in the sun at Groovefest in Malta, we had the time of our lives and we don't think we’re gonna forget it for a while.

Malta was amazing! It really is beautiful, steeped in history it is far from the built up concrete jungles you see in many European countires. The weather was idillic! By the sea you get a soft breeze to cool you down. It was basically perfect festival weather :) 

We got there on Friday and headed straight out to Cafe Del Mar. when we hit the terrace, the vibe was already popping off!

Cafe Del Mar is a beautiful setting, for those who have been to Ibiza, know how sick it is. It’s not the chilled out Cafe Del Mar chill out vibes of Ibiza though, it’s more like a funky Groovefest thing. Accompanied by an incredible restaurant & bar, the terrace boasts the most beautiful infinity pool I’ve ever seen, flowing almost directly into the vast blue Mediterranean sea. With its incredible sound system, dance floor and upstairs VIP terrace, we came here to have a party. AND PARTY WE DID.

Food; exquisite. we're talking about raving and then in a two minute walk eating fillet mignon and drinking Moet rose (they happened to be out of the Bolinger rose, but we're not gonna complain about that!). Drinking a great local beer, Cisk, in the glorious sunshine let you know you were at home on holiday if you know what we mean!

It wasn't ram jammed when we got there but it soon got packed. The sunset was a scene to behold! We have a siic video coming soon and you can witness it for yourself!

The first day was off the chain and everyone knew it was gonna be a good weekend. The terrace wrapped up with Apollonia, who smashed it until the early hours of the morning. We knew we were in for something special this week.

The next day we woke up excited because we knew today was gonna be a triple party. The day started at noon with a boat party on a glorious sailing boat with the huge speaker system and DJ booth popping off tunes! 

Cafe Del Mar kicked off with Neil Plantos, who completely turned it out and smashed his set. Chez Damier stepped up with his groove and by then you could see the Maltese had come out to party too!

The crowd was beautiful, the atmosphere was electric. As we began to get drunk and tried not to fall into the Infinity Pool with all our cameras!

As the sun was setting, Kerri Chandler appeared. As he went into his classic ‘You’re In My System’ the party erupted! Groovefest was full and the spirit of Malta was in the air.

Playtime was over and everyone knew each other now and we had well and truly taken off.

Slight break before round 2 of the day with just enough time to refresh, reload and get a bit of food, before the festivities began at The Gianpula Complex at 10pm. This club was MASSIVE. A huge venue with a great outdoor garden where you can hear the bass shake and the sic cave.. When we arrived, Kolsch and Guti playing AT THE SAME TIME we didn't know where to go!

But the main room was massive and the vibes electric so we rocked out there for a while before heading round to the garden! Oooffff!

They were talking about how Malta is the new Ibiza, but Groovefest was a vibe all on its own. London, Birmingham, Manchester and Malta were in all the house, as well as people from all over the world. We interviewed crews from Russia, Colombia, Italy and many more. We rocked through the night with Matthias Tanzmann and Hot Since ‘82. Downstairs was a cave like structure and Doorly was smashing it in deep dark rooms with a low roof. It’s fair to say, this was the place to be in the world, this Saturday night.

Sunday, we were back to Cafe Del Mar, lucky we were working otherwise we would have stayed in bed in our luxurious 5-star room in the Corinthia Hotel. But we did get up and we made our way down to the last day at Cafe, It was even better today because now we’d settled in and the Groovefest crew were all acquainted and family vibes were popping off!

More good food, wonderful drinks, impeccable service, great music all in the most elegant setting that can only be described as paradise.

Franky Rizardo smashed it, Riva Starr continued the musical, melodic magic and MK, well MK was DJ F**ING MK! He did what he always does and tore the invisible roof off the sunset sky.

This could have been enough, we could have called it a day, went home and remembered Groovefest and Malta forever. But, we knew we had one more major night ahead of us. At Gianpula tonight was a massive line up, including Tiffany, Alexis Raphael, Davide Squillace, Art Department and Jamie Jones. They was alot of hype around Jamie Jones, but he was ridiculously good and basically lived up to all that hype.

After an incredible 4 days of filming over 53 of some of the world’s top house and techno DJs including a stage hosted by Defected In The House as well as performances from Jamie Jones, MK, DJ Mag Allstars, Detroit Swindle, Route 94, Hot Since 82, Franky Rizardo aswell as the legendary Kerri Chandler.

4 days of sunshine, pool parties, boat parties, huge clubs, rave caves and some of the coolest people we’ve ever met from all over the globe, we can truly now say how blessed and honoured we feel to have been a part of this year's Groove Festival in Malta.

As sad as it was to leave, we cannot wait to go back next year. BIG UP GROOVEFEST 2016 Massive! We will see you next year!