An interview with Jacob Plant

House | Monday 24th October 2016 |

Jacob Plant has become one of the most in demand producers and remixers in the UK. His latest collaboration with dancehall legend Stylo G has amassed thousands of views online thanks to its catchy hook and unconventional, humorous video. We caught up with the man himself to chat about it.

The video to accompany your new single is quite bizarre but keeps you intrigued, did you put your ideas into this production or did you leave it to the director (Keith Schofield) to come up with?

Yeah the video is crazy, but I'm so proud of it. In my brief to Keith I asked him to make something that is going to grab people's attention and get them talking, which is exactly what he did!  In terms of the video production and concept, I left Keith to do what he is good at. I think the best thing about the video is that it takes the piss out of itself, which is what makes it so funny.  I admire Keith actually acting in the video as himself, it's a very clever concept.

Known for your beat-making skills, it seems you can produce successful pieces of music in a variety of genres. Are there any genres you would like to branch out to that you haven’t as of yet?

I love producing different genres, it keeps making music interesting.  I have never understood how someone can make the same thing over and over again.  I always mess around making different genres just for my pleasure, it's all stuff that I would never release, but I enjoy making.  Hip Hop / Grime is something I really like making, I really want to make a hard hitting rap song.

Did you want to do something a bit different and more memorable than the average dance music video?

Definitely! I'm so bored of generic dance music videos at the moment.  They are so dry and uncreative, I don't even know why they bother making them!  I'd much rather have a video that challenges boundaries and stands out.  Honestly the reaction I have got from it has been amazing,  so many people tell me they love it.

How did the collaboration with Stylo G come about? Have you always been a fan?

My manager introduced us for the first time at the beginning of the summer.  I have followed Stylo G on Twitter for a while now, so it's cool we got to work together.  I'm a massive dancehall and reggae fan and I think Stylo G has done a good job at crossing over his sound to the UK.

 Do you think there is a deeper message to the video than it just being a popular dance anthem?

I'm sure Keith has put some hidden messages in, but he hasn't told me!  I think you can interpret it in so many ways, I'm sure everyone has a different opinion of what it is trying to say.  I've read different comments with completely different interpretations which is really interesting.

You have performed at many amazing events and festivals including Lollapalooza since your career, what has been your highlight performance this year?

I think the highlight for me this year was supporting Calvin Harris in Las Vegas.  Those clubs are crazzzzyyyy!!  The Wet Republic pool party in the day was so fun to play.  Everyone there just wants to have fun and go crazy.

Do you have any exciting events coming up?

I'm spending as much time in the studio at the moment as I can to finish off some new music.  I am playing a Fireworks party in Liverpool with my friend Sonny Banks which I am excited about, should be fun!

What else can we expect from Jacob Plant in the future will you be hitting the studio any time soon?

I'm currently working on some new singles and putting an album together for next year which I'm really excited about!  I'm really happy with the music I am making at the moment, I'm trying to switch it up a bit.

Who else would you like to collaborate with on future tracks?

There are a lot of rappers I would love to work with.  I really want to make a track with a grime artist and a US rapper.  I love what Kano is doing at the moment.  I think doing a song with DJ Snake would be on my list too!