Fourward have delivered with their debut album, Expansion

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 19th October 2016 | Arren

Fourward step up with their debut album.

Shogun Audio will be dropping the insane debut album from Austrian powerhouse Fourward. Coming this Friday, their debut Expansion LP is exactly what we wanted from them.

The team; Lukas, Ludwig, Dominik and Niklas waste no time getting down to the gritty, flaunting their mind blowing production techniques from the get go with ease. Excising their impressive sound designs in every track all wrapped together with their hard-as-nails attitude, it's an album not for the faint hearted.

The Austrians give a hardy lesson in modern day drum & bass. Neuro laced and technically astounding, Fourward's debut raises no questions as to why these guys are at the forefront of today's scene.

Speaking about the album title, Fourward said: "Beyond all our recent singles and EP’s we wanted to explore our sound, diversify with more melodic elements and vocals alongside our trademark hard-edged production, hence the album title ‘Expansion’ - broadening our sound and pushing the envelope even further."

The album is made up of 11 tracks and features collaborations with top talents including Mefjus, Jakes and Shogun boss Friction. The album comes at the end of another big year for the guys with a huge single earlier this year and shows across Europe. Their beefy album drops this Friday (21st), you can get your first taste of the album below with the track 'Squencer'. Pre-order from the Shogun Audio site.

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