From Portishead to Piazolla, NickBee & Syze share their influential tracks

Drum and Bass | Monday 31st October 2016 | Arren

The heads behind Eatbrain's newest work have dropped us a big playlist.

NickBee (pictured above) and vocalist Syze have worked hard in the studio to produce the latest bomb coming from the Eatbrain camp. The Gears EP is 4 shredded tracks, stirring up cinematic soundscapes with aggressive drops - it's contemporary drum & bass at its best.

The tracks are straight up club records, burly basslines and rough riddims with a severely technical edge. Adding another element to the EP is Syze, dropping in for two tracks with her spine chilling vocals. Her sinister voice with NickBee's futuristic beats has worked so well - we hope to hear more from the pair very soon.

To celebrate the release of their EP worldwide today, both NickBee and Syze have dropped us 5 of their most influential tracks. There's some classics in these!

Nickbee's List:

Piazolla - Oblivion & Schubert - Serenade

"I love both because they are classical music masterpieces!"

Paul Kalkbrenner - Azure

"My all time favourite techno producer. I discovered him from the movie 'Berlin Calling'."

Rival Consoles - Howl

"I really enjoy the sound design and progression in tunes by Rival Consoles."

Desimal - Afterlife

"Desimal is probably one of the classic dnb neurofunk producers I was growing up on, his basslines were really special! R.I.P"

Syze's List: 

Portishead - Roads

"Beth Gibbons has always been one of my main vocal inspirations, the way she can convey emotion yet keep it simple. For me 'Roads' is one of the best examples of her amazing talent."

Ben Howard - Oats In The Water

"This song has a very subtle sort of depressive undertone. Personally I enjoy songs that can take me to such deep, sometimes dark, places and make me feel layers within myself that I don't always think about."

TeeBee - Quiet Moment

"One of those old skool d&b songs that went highly under the radar. Again, full of deep emotion and the vocals just hit a personal chord with me. I can listen to this song year after year and always feel the same love for it."

IAMX - This Will Make You Love Again

"I'm a huge fan of Chris Corner's work all the way back from his Sneaker Pimp's days, but his IAMX project is wonderful. He's a brilliant lyricist, multi talented musician and engineering genius wrapped up in a crazy live art performer. I love all his work, but this song has deep meaning for me and my husband."

Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy

"One of my top 10 favourite songs ever. The balance between minimal and melodic electronic sounds bringing forth such a huge punch of emotion. It speaks to the soul and it's a timeless track."

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