An interview with french hit maker Feder

House | Thursday 6th October 2016 |

Hailing from Nice and moving to Paris, Feder has achieved global success of late. His dark, sexy, undeniably French take on vocal house got him a number one last year with 'Goodbye' ft. Lyse, and latest track, 'Lordly', looks set for the same success; it's already amassed 2 million views in a month.

You have recently just released your new track ‘Lordly’ along with the video that has received over one million views. What does it feel like to have such worldwide support?

It’s always really nice to see people supporting your work, especially when you see it coming from a lot of very different countries. It’s also quite a surprise each time. When you spend hours and hours working on a track you’re always wondering how the public will react to it. So I really appreciate that Lordly is getting good feedback from the beginning.

How did the collaboration with Alex Aiono come about? Have you always been a fan or were you only introduced to him recently?

Well, I didn’t know him personally before - we met for the first time when we started working on the track. I had the melody and was looking for a singer. Alex sent a demo to my label and I liked his groove and his voice. So my manager got in touch with his and they sorted the details out so he could fly to Europe. 

Did you work in the studio together to produce the track?

Yes, Alex came to London and we all met there. We recorded the final vocal in a studio together, so we were sure to have exactly what we both wanted. Then we shot the video clip in the countryside. 

Your video that accompanies the new single is very cool, with a very dark concept. Did you have full direction in this and how did you come up with the ideas for the video?

I sent guidelines and ideas that I had, and then received different treatments from different directors. I picked Kristian Young as I thought he really understood what I wanted to achieve. We had the same ideas regarding the general atmosphere, and he came up with the dancers and the whole choreography idea. I thought it was really cool to mix something lively such as dance with a dark vibe.

You recently performed the track with Zak Abel on vocals. How was that, do you enjoy working with a range of vocalists in your performances and production?

I love discovering new vocalists, they always have a special something of their own. I watched videos of Zak performing for a radio show and I thought he could bring something interesting to ‘Lordly’ during the TV show that this was arranged for. I liked the idea of offering something new. Zak is quite different from Alex, but both are very talented singers.

Do you have anything else exciting coming up?

Yes! I’m working on my album, which is set to be released mid 2017. And way before that I plan on releasing two new singles.