Olivier Giacomotto chats about his new collab project with Kiko

House | Thursday 29th September 2016 | Christina

DJ, producer and Definitive Records co-manager Olivier Giacomotto was Beatport's number one selling tech-house artist of last year and he has continued that form well into 2016, with releases on Get Physical, Tronic, Suara and more. On top of that, he's just launched Cold Miles, a joint project with Kiko, and he's back in town playing Ministry of Sound. We caught up with him to hear all about it. 

Hey Olivier, how’s it going? What have you been up to recently?
I​’m always in the studio every week and on the road every weekend, it never stops except for a week or two during the year… so there is always something cooking. My last collab EP with Noir is in the main top10 of B​eatport, this is something that I’m very proud of. I've just finished The Red Man Original Motion Picture Soundtrack that will come out on October 25th, which is the ending of a very long production process, including a wide panel of songs and sound effects, various kinds of genres and atmospheres. I’m currently working on my next EP that will probably come out before the end of the year. I've ​just released the first EP of Cold Miles, which is a duo I​ created with Kiko AND ​the list goes on and on...

You started in production here in London in the late nineties, what kind of music were you making back then?
​I ​was a ​studio assistant of Magnus Fiennes, producer of All Saints, Spice Girls, Tom Jones, Morcheeba, Neneh Cherry etc. The studio was full of gear, it was the perfect place to learn the basics of recording and mixing. It was a very high level of production, so even if it was not the sound I​ enjoy the most, I enjoyed every moment there.

How much of an impact did Paris have you as an artist at the start of your career?
​I​’m basically from Bordeaux and have only lived in Paris for 3 years now, but life here is boiling, always moving artistically, so I​’m proud being part of this.

What’s the scene like in Paris at the moment? You don’t seem to be having the same trouble that we are with club closures.
​Lots of artists, clubs and parties every week in Paris. London is going through hard times for sure but there are always up and downs, after the rain comes sun, so I'​m not worried about London.

You’re playing at Ministry of Sound on 30th September, as part of a big line-up, what have you got in store for the night?
​Always a mix between my own tracks, some others I​ need to road test, and some very hot new tracks from other artists. I never plan what I will play, it always depends on the crowd.

You’ve started Cold Miles, a joint project with Kiko, what inspired this?
​K​iko and I​ enjoy working together a lot, so the need to create Cold Miles came naturally. I​nstead of keeping releasing collaborations EP, it made more sense to have our own artistic entity with a more specific sound.

The 13 EP, which is about to drop on Noir Music, sounds darker and edgier than your usual productions, is that the sound and direction the project is going for?
​Y​es, totally, we decided to find a specific sound for that project, using a lot of arpeggiators and vintage sounds on top of a more techno beat. This first EP is obviously dark, but we also have more sexy remixes coming out soon… stay tuned.

What releases should we be looking out for on Definitive Recordings, the label you co-run with John Acquaviva?
The Red Man Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will come out on O​ctober 25​th​ on Definitive Recordings. 36 tracks made of all the stems you can hear in the movie, it’s very dark and evil, it shows another side of my production. Then my good friends Los Paranos will come out after that, with a remix of Cold Miles, and we are preparing a compilation of all my last year big hits for the end of the year.

Definitive has a rich history, having been a label since the early nineties. How did you come to be a partner?
B​eing part of Definitive Recordings happened after a few years and step by step, I​ started to release on the label, then to produce in collaboration with John A​cquaviva, then we became friends and we shared the same passion for music and food, then we worked together on a more regular basis.

Tell us one song or piece of music that changed your life.
​I​t’s definitely that P​ink F​loyd album D​ark S​ide of the M​oon… it took me to another dimension. F​or me it’s the best album of all time.

What track have you got on repeat at the moment?
​​N​othing… I​ guess I’m too focused on my work in the studio.

What was the highlight of your summer?
​Definitely my holidays in S​outh W​est F​rance…I​ spent 3 weeks with family and friends, no plans, swimming pool, BBQ… it was such a pleasure to put music on the side for a little while before going back in the game with full power.

Olivier plays at Ministry of Sound on 30th September. Follow him on Twitter here