An Interview With Carlos Florez

House | Tuesday 20th September 2016 | Joe

Carlos Florez, (previously known as DJ Red Eye) was born in Argentina although both his parents originate from Chile he was raised in Scotland and London. This Latino DJ has been involved in the London Underground Music scene for the best part of 20 years from back in the 90s when Garage music was at its peak he played on various pirate radio stations including Flashback FM, Taste FM, Upfront FM and Select FM.

State your name and where you are at? 
Carlos Alberto Northon Florez, London!

You have been on the scene for quite some time, when did it all begin? 
It all started for me back in the hard core jungle days “Lazerdrome” in Peckham was a massive introduction to me for electronic music and went to many styles from there. 

How would you describe your sound? 
I play dance music, I wouldn’t say I have a style; the key is to read the people dancing to your sound, if they are moving you are good to go. I drop deep dubby house music, with soulful house to Tech and Latin; as long as I keep it on a level and people are dancing we are all good. 
Have you got any forthcoming productions or releases coming up? 
Yes I am working on some stuff at the moment not for any particular label, although I do have a remix release due soon on Lenny Fontana’s label “Karmic Power Records NYC due out in December/January. 

Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for? 
That’s a tough one. I never really got to play in the Jungle scene as it passed by so quick for me that is. I then moved into the UK Garage scene and went under my then Dj name Red Eye and did make a bit of a name for myself then so it has to be Karl tuff enough Brown, they guys productions are legendary and way before there time. Who do I have allot of respect for Hmmm It has to be the “ROAST” crew. They are legendary promoters that originate from the Jungle era. Everton booked me many years ago to play at their first event that incorporated house music and I have been there resident house music dj since, I have nothing but respect for Ev and his team, true to their word, loyal, and I can trust 100%

You obviously used to only play vinyl, has that changed for you as technology has developed? 
Yes it has, especially as I used be able to tell what track I was playing buy the look for the record sleeve, now I have to read and remember what track it is and even then sometimes I get it wrong. 

What was your most memorable DJ set? 
Gosh has to be playing for my friend Jason Kabuki alongside Benji Candelario at IKandy in the Shangrala Hotel in Dubai 13 storeys up in an open air rooftop venue New years eve 2012. It was surreal seeing my name on a massive billboard and then watching the fireworks display at 12 midnight coming of the Burj Khalifa while playing the music to a glamorous and very rich crowed of people. 

If you could create your own genre what would you call it? 
Dark Dubby House music. Going back to my jungle roots with the blended together at a 123 bpm. 

Name 3 of your favourite tracks of all time? 
Dion (Come get my loving) – Frankie Feliciano (Shoulda let you go) – Omni Trio (Renegade snares)

If you had to wear one brand of sportswear for the rest of your life, excluding Nike and Addidas what would it be? 

Would have to be Puma. Reliable and made well. 

You also promote, have you got any parties coming up? 
Yes I promote FOR THE LOVE OF HOUSE, an event that you will be playing at the end of this month. Been doing this event since 2005 and stopped for quite a few years but the time is right to bring it back and why not start with a super all dayer at the Magic Roundabout in Old street on 25th September eh.

What sets you apart from your competition?
Gosh. I don’t play for myself, I don’t have a particular style as I play what people feel and I’m just a genuine all round nice loyal bloke. 
If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? 
Terrorism. Why should people live in fear in this day and age

What else have you got in store for 2016 and beyond?
I have a few gigs coming up, gonna spend more time in the studio working on some new stuff with Mickey Simms and start putting on more events. 

You can catch Carlos Florez @ The Magic Roundabout in Old Street on Sunday 25th September at FOR THE LOVE Of HOUSE! For more information click here