Causing Damage in the Dam with Innovation

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 13th September 2016 | Lucy

By day, blaze up some of Amsterdam’s finest, take a stroll down the canal if you aren’t too stoned or see what’s good with Anne Frank; but when darkness falls, you better make (dam) sure you’re skanking to some DnB at Innovation in the Dam. 

Innovation in the Dam 2015

With one of the filthiest line up’s to come out of 2016, Innovation have really set the bar high for all DnB events on the calendar with the likes of Andy C, DJ Hype, SASASAS, Nicky Blackmarket, Skibadee, MC Stormin all set to tear up the place.

Across 3 clubs and 3 nights, the city lives and breathes drum and bass, wrapping up the dirtiest basslines with heavy vibes.

Majistrate and Eskman @ Inno in the Dam 2014

Make sure you’re there to cause some serious damage in the dam! Get your tickets here.