Indie Band of the week - The Dead Freights

Indie | Friday 12th August 2016 | marc



The Dead Freights are one of those bands that you only find once in a lifetime. A volcano of charming guitars, solid friendships and rock ’n’ roll excess. Barely together a year and they have gained support from BBC Introducing, toured the depths of the UK, Recorded their debut EP and have built a cult following in the South.


Hailing from the City of Southampton, the band consists of Charlie James, Louis Duarte, Robby Spencer and Robert Franklin . They are all the kind of gentlemen you could take home to your grandmother, but you could guarantee she would still be up parting with them 3 days later! 


Their Debut record “ The Dead Freights Ep” captures the magic of The Small Faces, Early Libertines and The Kinks. They have seamlessly taken the best bits from the greats of the 60s/70s and added their own stamp.


Tracks off the EP like “ Mama, I won't waste your time ” and “Hopeless Blues ” show the bands upbeat side, with shuffle grooves and beautiful harmonies they keep you locked inside their world. While tracks like “Fall Behind ”  and “ Dragged home” are full of tasteful lyrics that nod to the more tender side of them.


The Ep is a genuine slice of their journey, if you want to get your teeth into something fresh then Guestlist Recommends The Dead Freights!


Download the Ep and Go check them out live you wont be disappointed.


Live Dates:


13th August - Lennons Southampton , UK


2nd September - Wallop Fest, UK


17th September - Peace Festival, UK


15th October - Rockhouse Andover, UK