The Upbeat's second De-Evolution EP has landed!

Drum and Bass | Monday 8th August 2016 | Arren

New Zealand's biggest drum & bass duo smashed this one. 

Returning to Noisia's Vision imprint for the second installment of the De-Evolution series, they fix up a serious listen.

Clocking up to five tracks the duo sort a dynamic bunch of records, all club ready and will knock your socks off. Three of the five are individual projects, with two featuring some vocals for that extra kick. They twist and pervert sounds, producing some bone-shaking club wreckers, while also fixing up a blissful liquid roller premiered of Liquidcity last week - it's The Upbeats as you never heard them. 

Those on vocal duties are Foreign Beggers' Orifice Vulgatron and Mara TK. Orifice smashes it in 'Babylon' with tight vocals over an insane bass . Meanwhile Mara TK's soothing vocals sit perfectly over 'Say Go', a powerful liquid summer anthem. Premiered last week on Liquidcity, The Upbeats use their technical heads and pitch the perfect rolling summer beat. 

This is some heavy duty stuff, was released last week - get it here.

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