Black Lives Matter protests shut down England

Other | Saturday 6th August 2016 | Annalisa

#BlackLivesMatter protesters blocked roads in Nottingham, Birmingham and the M4 at Heathrow today. A day after the fifth anniversary of the death of Mark Duggan, who was shot by police in 2011, the anti-racist campaigners lay on the slip road to Heathrow airport, the tram tracks in Nottingham and on a road near Birmingham airport.

Shut downs took place across London too with protests in Whitechapel and Moorgate.

The activists created mass disruption as part of the nationwide shut down and pushed their message in a way that can only be celebrated.

The UK Black Lives Matter movement said they had "chosen today for our action to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Mark Duggan’s death at the hands of the Metropolitan Police. We stand in solidarity with the families and friends of all who have died at the hands of the British state. We take action because justice has not been delivered through conventional means: the police, the IPCC, the courts or the legislature."

Keep your eye out on the hashtag #Shutdown to follow the story.