Interview: Vibes and Pressure Label Relaunch With Natty.

Reggae | Monday 18th July 2016 | Megan

After the release of his new album Releasing The Fear, we caught up with Natty at his label relaunch at the Jazz Cafe, Camden and had a little chat about how everything’s been going…

So, how you doing tonight?

I’m good, I’m looking forward to the night.

Great, so what was your first thought this morning?
My first thought this morning was are all the guest list names sorted. Normally my first thought is ‘ahhh good morning to the world, give thanks for life’ but this morning, I forgot about my thought process and went straight to the guest list,

Well that’s good making sure everyone gets in on time!
True but I have to give thanks for life and say good morning to the world beforehand I think! Hence why it’s like woah okay back up, rethink.

Exactly. So, if you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
[after a lot of thinking] Oh wow that’s like the best and biggest question I’ve ever been asked for years! Okay it’s 3 words but with a pronoun in the middle so I’d say ‘trying to do better’.

Okay perfect! So, what was the hardest part of making your new album?
Going in and being real, you know, when you’re going in and being real sometimes you end up coming up with stuff that you think people wanna hear. Also, going in and being honest to the process because a lot of people, me included, you can become very self aware and so the whole point of it was trying to not become self aware and not try and create something that we think people wanna hear or try and create a version of yourself that you think people will wanna know. It’s just about being the realest you can and sometimes that’s actually quite hard.

How does it feel to be re launching your label ‘Vibes and Pressure’?
Yeah I’m feeling cool about it, there’s been a few hiccups along the way with Jazz Cafe the venue, I think that they’re teething and they have got new management and so they’re still finding their way around the area. I think they’re more used to the Shoreditch vibe, Camden is a bit different, in terms there is still residents here that are like ‘nuh uh’ so yeah, a few issues but you know, we’re good!

Yeah, it’s all good! So, what message do you would like to get across in your music?
Well right now and I think before as well it’s like, release the fear, is a pretty strong message which ended up being the title of my album. And also, raising the vibrations, like if we can get music that helps you raise the right vibration as opposed to lowering their vibrations then I think we’ll be onto something. The musicians who are doing that are doing the right thing by their musical talent.

Right so, if you could eradicate one song from the history of music what would it be?
Oh my gosh. Oh wait hold on, it’s gonna have to be a Destiny’s Child song…

Yeah just to piss off all the women [laughs].

Oh c’mon there must be an artist who has sampled a really good song and made it shit?

Boom! Thank you! Kanye West. There’s a sample that he did which essentially was the whole song. It’s Curtis Mayfield’s song ‘Move On Up’ and it was his version called ‘Touch the Sky’. Kanye West you gotta go.  

Good choice! So what’s is your life motto?
If I had a life motto, it would be ... with love.

Any particular reason for that?
Because you can do it with anything. Like if I was gonna say “Yo! Pick up your underwear! ...with love” to my child or “why did you just crash into my car?! I’m just asking ... with love” or it’s even like “Yo you’ve just come into my country b, what’s going on? Can you leave? But with love. No we can’t leave...with love. Alright cool, stay … with love.” Yeah, do you feel me?

Yep, I feel you. Favourite song of all time?
Ah man, c’mon! Alright, Blue and Green by Miles Davis.

Okay quick fire round now…
Legalise Cannabis?


Heaven or Hell?

Favourite historical figure?
Haile Selassie.

What would you be doing if it wasn’t for music?
Farming or teaching children I think. Not a classroom teacher though, more like c’mon guys let’s go to the jungle and build something or something that takes kids out of these four walls.

What is your favourite thing to eat when you’re high?
Who says I get high? I will say that when I get high, I like to eat watermelon.

That’s a new one! Thanks for the tip! Okay so what’s something you have to do before you die, which you have not yet done?
Wow these questions are hard. You Guestlist people are tricky! I would say I’d see the Northern Lights in Iceland on shrooms. There you go.

What’s your proudest moment?
My first child being born.

What is your shittest moment?
Probably when I was like 8 or 9 and I thought football was that important and then maybe England got kicked out of the World Cup or something like that and I thought it was the end of the world when it really wasn’t. I don’t really have shit moments…

Well that’s definitely a dream crushing moment… Last question, what are you most looking forward to in the future?
The future itself and where technology is gonna take us.

Okay thanks man! Have a good gig!

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