Help save The Macbeth (Petition)

Indie | Friday 28th June 2013 | Conor

Yet another of London’s iconic venues is facing closure. The Macbeth in Hoxton is at risk of being forced to close its doors as a result of proposals to build flats adjoining the venue. The pub, which has hosted gigs from the likes of Peter Doherty, Florence and the Machine, Gallows, IS TROPICAL, Fucked Up, The XX and Franz Ferdinand is petitioning the proposals, and you can sign the petition here:

I saw Peter Doherty at The Macbeth when he performed in February 2011, and it has remained one of my favourite venues in the UK, let alone just London.

London is unique in terms of its musical culture, and recent years has seen the closure of many important venues for both established and up-and-coming acts as London Councils have gone on the offensive.

By Conor Giles