Luca Bacchetti on Barcelona, drum & bass and brown m&ms

House | Tuesday 12th July 2016 | Christina

Italian producer and DJ Luca Bacchetti cut his teeth on hip-hop and drum & bass before taking the worlds of house and techno. He consistently charts high on Beatport and has released on big name labels including Ovum Recordings, Tenax Recordings, Supernature, Hideout and Sci+Tec, as well as running his own imprint ENDLESS. We caught up with him ahead of his set for Avant Garde at Corsica Studios. 

Hey Luca, how are you? Having a good summer so far?
Hello! I'm doing well thank you! Just recorded some new things at my house in Tuscany, there the birds are singing and the deer visit you during the night, such a lovely place to make music... now I'm heading to Barcelona where I will spend a few days before the summer tour!

You just played the Guendalina night for Off Sonar, how was it?
They are friends, it's one of the best parties in Italy and it was fun as usual to play at Macarena!

Macarena is such a great club, what was the atmosphere like?
Macarena is not a club. I consider it something different, it's a small place with a Funktion One soundsystem, but with a limiter so you have play differently to create the vibe. I've seen so many big names playing there: Goldie, Carl Craig, Juan Atkins…a few years ago I was playing and my friend Dubfire showed up with a friend, Skrillex, who really enjoyed the vibe!

Speaking of Barcelona, what impact does the city have on you as an artist?
It's a sunny place, this is enough for me! I need to keep my balance.

Why did you decide to settle there?
Even if I'm always travelling and I spend only few months during the year, I found out it has a good energy and the weather... especially the winter which is not so cold like in Berlin.

You have a love for hip-hop and drum & bass, has this influenced the way you produce?
Playing hip-hop and drum & bass for years has influenced the way I produce my music, the groove... first of all it's all about the groove. When I produce a track it's the first thing, even if lately I've preferred to begin from a state of mind, a specific mood or melody then going in the opposite direction, the groove is always important.

You’re playing at Corsica Studios for Avant Garde on July 23rd, what can people expect from the night?
My new way to conceive the club, new music. During the last two years my sound has evolved into something more evocative. With ENDLESS I think I'm delineating more a mood than a sound. Don't get me wrong, music comes first, always.

Recently you posted the ‘California’ track, which you described as “music for a movie”. What initially inspired the track? And why did you decide to share it now?
Given that my work involves a lot of air travel, I really miss being on the road and in the driving seat. When I can, between one gig and another, I jump at the chance for this kind of experience, where the sheer beauty of it all is to lose and then find oneself again. It was during one of these breaks when I was driving through Arizona, Nevada and California that I began to wonder whether I could write a song to sum-up that precise moment. ‘California’ is a different track, it was part of a mix CD I did two years ago but It has never been released digitally as single. After the demand of so many followers I've decide to release it for free! I have so much gratitude for all my supporters!

You also did Episode 101 of the Anjunadeep Edition, how did you go about creating that mix?
I was thinking of a deeper mix, no big brain storming behind it, done in one hour.

What should we be looking out for on ENDLESS this year?
Great music from our artists; new EPs from Superlounge, Eduardo De La Calle and myself. We also have a remix package with remixes from Bedouin and Gorje Hewek & Izhevski  and ENDLESS events around the world. This year will be very exciting !

You’ve played at some of the best clubs in the world, but where’s the craziest gig you’ve ever played?
Lots of beautiful places. I love beach clubs with great sound systems. My fave club at the moment is Lost Beach in Ecuador where last time I've played 10 hours! Recently I've played in Comodoro, in Patagonia... Google it!! I've found a very educated crowd. An unforgettable night!

What’s been the proudest moment of your career so far?
When you keep your integrity everyday it's a day to be proud of. I'm really proud to have always followed the music and not the success and all these ridiculous dynamics. 

Tell us one song that changed your life.
I've always mentioned hip-hop songs, this time I go for Goldie – ‘Inner City Life’. Masterpiece.

And what tracks are you loving right now?
The new stuff form Trikk is amazing! The Brazilians Davis and Zopelar are also doing great stuff, and of course l love the new Superlounge EP, which will be out in August on ENDLESS. Hot!

If you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would it be and why?
A swimming pool full of m&m's...the brown ones!

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the year?
Playing at Burning Man! And many other exciting things. Ciao!

Luca performs at Avant Garde’s July 23rd date at Corsica Studios. Follow Luca on Twitter