Loyle Carner @ Corsica Studios (10/11/15) - Review

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 11th November 2015 | Sam

It must be every young artist's dream to go on tour with their best friend. That dream has become a reality for Loyle Carner and his best mate / DJ, Rebel Kleff. On the second leg of his four-date 2015 UK tour, the South Londoner managed to sell out London's Corsica Studios and captivate his eager audience with expert lyrics filled with emotion and delivered with quality which was almost studio-worthy.

Bringing his own brand of emotionally charged hip-hop to the stage, the 20-year-old had the stage-presence of a seasoned performer, treating his captivated audience with perfectly delivered lines about his personal trauma and dealing with family issues.

In what was very much a family affair, Carner brought his mum on stage for a kiss and cuddle, dedicated a song to his late stepfather and wore his Eric Cantona shirt, badmouthed his deadbeat biological dad and showed off an unreleased track, 'Gotham', produced by his little brother.

After performing his relatively new tune 'Florence', which is about his desire for a little sister, he rounded it off nicely by telling the crowd, with a massive smile on his face, that his mum is planning on adopting a little girl, so next time he performs the song, he will be able to sing it with his little sister on stage.

Refreshingly, he was very thankful to the crowd who welcomed him home to London with plenty of support; on multiple occasions he was shocked at the amount of people singing along with his catchy hooks. But he treated the crowd just as well as they treated him, bringing out London's next-big-thing in Reggae, Kiko Bun (profile here) to perform 'October' and 'When Will I Stop Dreaming', and sharing a bottle of whiskey with the crowd.

A clear crowd favourite was the cover of Kanye West's 'Heard Em Say' performed in his own style with his own lyrics - which he recently performed for BBC Radio 1's Piano Sessions. Another was when DJ Rebel Kleff took to the mic to spit alongside his best friend on the track 'The Money' from the 'A Little Late EP'.

With another London show at Village Underground in February 2016 (tickets here), it'd be foolish to miss an immensely talented musician and performer at such a raw stage of his career.