Art Department Is Selling His Dope Villa In Mexico

House | Thursday 7th July 2016 | Megan

Jonny White, or otherwise known as dance music act Art Department, is selling his crazily beautiful, jungle-inspired villa in the heart of the Mayan Rivera in Mexico.


Known for not being too shy about the property he owns, Art Department, has a few dotted around the world in hidden places. For example, in Barcelona he has a huge house called The Lair and he has a studio place completely covered wall to wall in red velvet.


The private jungle villa is called ‘Rancho Escondido’ (Hidden Ranch) and is up for sale for $625,000 USD and is positioned half way between Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. There is a 2000 square foot holiday resort size swimming pool, waterfall and amazing guest house. So all you people who wanna live in a beautiful house like moving cause it’s going fast! Check it out here.