Offering a Better Perspective | Technimatic

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 6th July 2016 | Arren

It's been two years since his debut, and my, it was one hell of an album.

The 2014 album, Desire Paths was a masterpiece of drum & bass and got the backing from everyone and anyone, it was even described as 'the best drum & bass album in years' by Mixmag. So no pressure on this next album then...

Desired Paths was always going to be a hard album to follow but the Brighton boy's haven't caved under this pressure. A lot has changed in the scene since their debut album, but Technimatic's focus on quality hasn't shifted.

Marking their magic touch across the Better Perspective, the attention to detail is obvious. Diving deep into the realms of liquid, they mash blissful soundscapes, on point bass tones and first class drums together; easily making the best album of the year so far.

The quality will blow you away; there's never a dull moment as the two Shogun warriors work their craft with a varied take on the liquid style. The tracklist covers those smooth vocal jams, club heavy rollers and experimental trips.

Technimatic explained that this album 'was a lesson in the endless possibilities that can be created from familiar elements, and the ways in which structure and form can stimulate new ideas and directions'. You can hear what they mean - using the standard formulas and creating something so special, the blueprints became the solid foundation of this exploration of drum & bass.

'We came to it it knowing what we would discover; it's left us with a new love for what we do'. Well Technimatic, this new album left us with even more love for you.

Listen to Annie Mac previewing 'Hold On A While' featuring Jono McCleery below and pre-order Better Prespectives, here

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