Perez launches his new label with Skeptical

Drum and Bass | Thursday 30th June 2016 | Arren

1985 is a new label for drum & bass coming from one of the most forward thinking and innovative liquid dnb stars, Alix Perez. He wastes no time in establishing a solid sound for this new label.

The Belgian has long been associated with Shogun Audio, and also has had a stint at Exit with a combination of solo and collaborative works. Clear cut liquid is his specialty and recent sounds from him include wobbly walks on a the half time tip.

Perez now sets off on a new adventure with his own imprint. Opening in style, the four tracked Elephant Dreams EP sees the producer going back to his drum & bass roots in jaw dropping style. Straight up, heavy hitting beats are what to expect as Perez reminds us of his darker edge.

The new label project will be 'a platform rooted primarily in the 85 / 170 bpm bracket but also going beyond with no rules applied.' History tells us of this producers magic touch, so this label is sure to set off a storm.

Alix Perez - Facebook - Twitter - SoundCloud