emaé Debuts Acoustic EP ‘Imperfect Words’

Indie | Wednesday 22nd June 2016 | Ayo

Scottish-born singer-songwriter emaé announces her brand new fully acoustic EP titled Imperfect Words.

Written, arranged and produced by emaé, the Imperfect Words EP also features collaborations with Gershom Mutambo and Courtney Jones on acoustic guitars, Charles DC Hall on Cajon and percussion, and Ivan Hussey on cello.

The EP opens with an arresting call to action on ‘Talk’ as emaé sings, “there’s no need to talk anymore […] show me what you’re good for”, before the infectious ‘Northern Lights’ captures the imagination with its hopeful and encouraging sentiment. Inspired by Maya Angelou, ‘Why It Sings’ reveals an introspective emaé as she battles a perceived rejection from those closest to her, while an acoustic version of previous single ‘Know You’ closes out the 4-track offering.

Speaking about what this Imperfect Words EP means to her, and the inspiration behind the record, emaé says, “‘Imperfect Words’ is exactly that. Words from my life that are flawed and only the ones I’m learning as I go. They are the songs of my everyday; they come from that one time on the bus to work, or that time when my dreams felt more like a curse than a blessing”.