Julian Jeweil drops his first EP of the year

House | Thursday 9th June 2016 | Christina

Julian Jeweil, Beatport's top selling techno DJ/producer of 2015, drops Destination, his first EP of the year, via Popof's Form Music imprint. 

This four-track offering is Julian’s fourth EP release on Form, following on from his previous acclaimed EPs such as Techno CornerMad, and last year's Meteorite. The title track kicks the techno off with powerful bass, tight drums and mechanical synths, before moving in 'Myli', another high-tempo cut with fierce kick drums, rolling percussion and repeated vocals. Again, strong percussion is at the heart of‘Foundation’, with looped-up beats sitting at the forefront of the track, broken up by keyboard stabs and vocal snippets, and the driving claps of 'Eight' make the final track a pounding groover. 

There's also a remix of 'Destination' from Parisian artist Animal & Me (who releases on prestigious labels such as Form, Hot Creations and Cocoon amongst others), to round out the record.

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