Sekuoia and Kill J team up for 'Lamp In The Dark'

Other | Thursday 2nd June 2016 | Christina

In anticipation of his forthcoming debut album, Copenhagen-based producer Sekuoia has teamed up with fellow Dane KIll J for his new single ‘Lamp In The Dark’, out via Nowadays Records. 

The track is a seductive slow jam full effusive synths and slow-burning beats. Bolstered by KIll J’s melodic vocals, it blends ambient, electronica and house into one slick package. Having previously worked with and remixed a host of acclaimed artists such as Tomas Barfod and MØ, the Danish producer pooled his talents with KIll J at Copenhagen’s Red Bull Studios. As Sekuoia puts it himself, “the process was one of the most creative things I’ve done. KIll J had some really good input regarding the production, and I had a bit of input towards some vocal aspects. For me, she was the ideal collab”.

Having won acclaim from an array of tastemakers, KIll J has been touted as the future of Scandinavian pop music. As a song that revolves around the agony of unreciprocated love, ‘Lamp In The Dark’ holds a very personal place for her: “It’s a song about being wanted, like a lamp in the dark. They would all flock around me to give me their love, and I didn’t want it. Now the tables have turned so I'm on the receiving end, and it’s agony - just waiting for my heart to grow cold”.

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