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Wild Horse was formed in April 2013 by two brothers, Henry & Jack Baldwin & their friend, Ed “Barking” Barnes, after playing in various combinations at “Rock School” sessions at Heathfield Community College. The combination of the three instantly worked forming a talented and skilled band with massive stage presence & ability. They have a shared love of the best in R&B taking their influences from the greats such as, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Hendrix, The Who, Neil Young etc. and are not afraid to experiment with Reggae & punk influences to give a unique sound & depth to their own songs.

After initially playing their versions of Rock Classics, the band quickly & successfully started writing their own songs, which became favourites with their audience. After professionally recording several tracks, Wild Horse were recognised by becoming 2014 “Rock The House” nominees. In early 2015 Wild Horse signed with Factory Fast Records of New York who released four original Wild Horse tracks on mixed EP’s all being sold through mainstream distribution like iTunes & have received extensive airplay. This has led to Factory Fast signing Wild Horse for their first album, “It’s Begun” which is to be released in January 2016 and is entirely made up of original material.

Wild horse are starting to record their second album, the tracks just keep coming. The reviews of their tracks have been brilliant with many comparing them favourably to a mixture of The Stones & The Black Keys. Wild Horse tracks have been extensively played on over 20 radio stations worldwide.

Wild Horse are a band like no other modern young group, they are different in all the good ways. Their love of the music & playing to live audiences is an experience not to be missed. After watching their fantastic performance earlier in the year at Crawley's Three Bridges Football Club I was amazed at the force driven & very mature set. They were the first band up of a 4 band line up and to be honest I felt they were a bit cheated as the power they delivered left the next band a little pale looking in comparison. I am looking forward to seeing these young rockers do the same kind of thing again in June as the promoters have asked for the Sussex band to return to Three Bridges on the 4th June 2016 I just hope they get a better billing as I'm certain once again these boys will tear the house down.

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The band that impressed me the most, however, were the last to take the stage. Wild Horse, from Heathfield, have an average age of just 13 but play like seasoned rockers. Wild Horse’s influences are wide and include many members of rock ‘n’ roll high society, including Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and Eric Clapton. Their guitar skills, vocals and tight drumming are remarkable and much better than many bands twice their age. Beginning as they meant to go on, they launched into a strong cover of “This Could Be The Last Time”, followed by one of their own songs called “Hey”, where you could hear strong 80s post-punk undertones and vocals reminiscent of the Tom Robinson Band.

All of the covers, which included songs by John Lee Hooker & JJ Cale to name just two, came with an original Wild Horse twist, while their original numbers were strong compositions. We were treated to a song called “No Name”, apparently the first song they wrote together when they formed last year, and an instrumental number. They ended the show in typical rocking style, including some true rock n’ roll playing of the guitar using teeth. Definitely check out these guys if you get a chance – they are destined for big things.”

From the review of Rising Stars at The Brunswick, Brighton by Kaye Inglis.


“Superb band and very unique not scared to play with sounds from rock to reggae and more. Sounding a lot like the Rolling Stones but slightly more punk gives them that edge of sharpens and purity that makes them great to listen to. Vocally fantastic, lyrically superb and the music just rocks.”

Review by Rock Bandom Magazine & Radio


“'Get Me Going' by Wild Horse is a song filled with flaunts and exhibitioned talents. The twang of guitar notes, the plodding tempo of the beat and the ruling of the almost raw, in your face vocals make sure that you understand the power and talent the band have, and rightly so, they make an irresistible listen.”

Review from Mytacism Music

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