High Focus' 6th Birthday POPPED Off!

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 25th April 2016 | Megan

The High Focus Records crew celebrated their 6th birthday last Friday at the Electric Ballroom, Camden. To say it was one of the FATTEST nights we’ve been to this year, is an understatement. UK hip hop is truly on the uprise and it’s going to get bigger and bigger with the likes of Bristol boys Split Prophets waving the flag for upcoming UK rappers.

The started off calm and collective with Molotov playing a small set as entrance music for the fans, this was a sick way to get the incoming crowd pumped up. More and more people flowed in and Fliptrix took control with being the compare. Now firstly on stage was Verb T on the decks with Chillman, Moreone and Rye Shabb, big upcoming MC’s, making a name for themselves. They had control over the crowd which was what was needed as they were setting up the stage for the eccentric Strange U. With an alien, futuristic vibe, Lord Rao and Doctor Zygote show the unique side of the UK hip hop scene to the HF fans. Booming bass and voice changing ad libs flow throughout the ballroom and having this be the first time we’ve seen Strange U live, they left a lasting impression.

High Focus legend, Edward Scissortongue was up next and again, with a very different vibe, he totally smashed it. Interacting with the crowd by talking a bit during tracks, he brought a certain mellow feel which was great as it broke up the energy from the previous acts and definitely for what was to come… He set the mood by having the lights all turned down, just to we as fans could focus purely on him.

As Scissortongue’s set came to a close, the mood changed rapidly when Onoe Caponoe and his entourage braced the stage. The energy they exuded was electric, the crowd was heaving back and forth, up and down and screeches and cries were thrown about by Onoe’s hype men. People were jumping on stage, have a sick time and to be honest, we reckon that was EXACTLY the feel Onoe was going for! It was dope as fuck! And I mean, who doesn’t love inflatable seagulls?!

Lee Scott, one of the biggest pioneers on the UK hip hop scene to date, was joined next on stage with other highly respected rappers Jehst, Trellion and Sniff. Keeping the fans on a continuous hype, Lee Scott and crew took everyone by storm and kept the flame of the old skool UK hip hop alive.

One of the most anticipated acts of the whole, entire night were up next. The legendary supergroup The Four Owls shot onto the stage with no need for an introduction. They performed some of their dopest  tracks like, “Three Hits To The Dome”, “Assassination”, “All My Life” and many more. If you’re a fan of these crazy birds then you’ll know how hyped the crowds get when they hear their biggest tunes! “Life In The Balance” one our faves, changed the mood to a more softer tone as Fliptrix asked the crowd to get out their lighters or lights on their phone, as all the venue lights when down. The whole room was filled with twinkley lights which looked like the stars in the sky.

Three more epic HF acts were up next and the night was in full swing. High Focus’ resident bad boy Dirty Dike appeared on stage with his partner in crime, DJ Sammy B-Side. The majority of the HF crew were on stage, all feeling the vibe and interacting with the crowd. One track that ALWAYS goes down well is “Pork Pie”. When the whole crowd knows every single fucking word to your song, you know you’ve made it.

Ocean Wisdom was up next and with the amount of success he has had recently, we reckon he was feeling hella good on stage. This showed through his performance immensely and there is no doubt this kids got major talent and will go far in the hip hop game.

Dead players ended the night with Jam Baxter jumping into the crowd and with his and Big Dabbla’s energy combined, it was a BANGING end to the night. ROLL ON NEXT YEAR!!