Anti Austerity Demo Today. A big 150,000 turnout

Other | Saturday 16th April 2016 | Wild

A 150,000 odd people descended upon the streets of London today to stand in unity against Austerity cuts and to show their solidarity towards their common struggle.

The dissatisfaction that has culminated over the consecutive disappointments in the last weeks, not to mention years, has led to a rise in frustrations as the last option which remains, and seems inevitable is to head to the streets and demonstrate. To get seen, get heard and get noticed.

This, at the very least was achieved today, as the crowd very noisily but in an organised fashion, scattered throughout the streets with banners and posters, not to mention costumes and sound systems.

Countless organisations, political parties, unions and people from all walks of life came together to send out these messages:

No more austerity cuts! Save the NHS! Solve the housing crisis ! Cap rents ! Stop punishing the most Vulnerable in our society! Stop school privatization! And what seems to have hit the final straw: 'Pay Tax just like the rest of us.'

Exposure to daily hypocrisy has been the catalyst to people descending upon the capital where through the noise, the common dissatisfaction and exasperation was made clear.

Chants of: ''Tories out, Tories out..'' ; ''Hey Ho, David Cameron has got to go''; ''No if's No bus, No education cuts'' were just some of the chants being screamed out with a passion.

And there was not much that stopped people from turning up today. Not the rain, not disabilities, not distance, as people travelled down from all over the country to make their voices heard. I spoke to one lady who is 80 years old. She knits hats with the slogan 'I love the NHS' on them to give to the public. She told me of the anxiety that comes when she warns what will happen if we lose our NHS. Families unable to pay for medical treatment, going back to conditions of the 1930s.

So many interesting, creative and hard-working people, it's impossible to give a  worthy and full image but what is certain is that there was a great sense of solidarity in a number that unlike other recent and related demonstrations, can hardly be over-looked.