It's The Year Of The Owl: Take Flight!

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 11th April 2016 | Megan

First of all, the quartet are a supergroup of High Focus Records’ top artists, with a back catalogue of some of UK hip hop’s dopest tracks. As a group, they bring you the best on the scene and they get every single crowd they perform to super hyped up and the atmosphere is always electric. But also, as individuals, each of them have their own special quality and lyrical talents that’ll knock you for six.


  • Fliptrix (BIG OWL)

Being the merciless leader of the pack, Fliptrix is not only a mental lyricist with a sick and smooth flow, he’s also the tallest. Towering over the rest of the crew, he keeps the crowd in check and constantly on a high. When performing, he guides his troop through each track effortlessly making their shows something that should not be missed by anyone.



  • Verb T (BIRD T)

The oldest and most wise out of all four MC’s, Verb’s life experiences are exuded through his writing and live performances. For someone who has been riding the UK hip hop wave for 15 years, his flow and lyrical talent has aged like fine wine, and so has he quite frankly. He draws in the crowd by using his exceptional rapping skills to maintain their focus but also gets them pumped up at the same time.





  • Leaf Dog (DEFORMED WING)

Now we come to the one and only Leaf Dog. Producer and sick MC, Leaf Dog takes control over producing the beats for the Owl’s top tracks. And as well as the group collaborating with the legendary don of hip hop, DJ Premier on their song “Think Twice”. This is keeping hip hop at it’s finest and showing the young people of the UK that real talent and music can be exposed if you work hard. Go hard or go HOME. That’s the attitude these fellas take on for sure.





Hailing from the West County with a razor sharp tongue, MC BVA has come up through the UK hip hop ranks super quick and has made a big name for himself on the urban festival circuit as well as in the club scenes. When on stage, you can’t take your eyes off him because his energy is so exhilarating and vibrant, the audience doesn’t know what’s hit ‘em! Be Very Aware.



Get yourself down to the Electric Ballroom, Camden on Friday 15th April and have yourself a wicked time! This will POP OFF!