Good Deeds Never Go Unnoticed: Homeless Man Given A Business For Saving A Life

Other | Friday 8th April 2016 | Arash

A baker in France has sold his bakery to a homeless man for €1 (81p) after he saved his life from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Michel Flamant (62) has been baking since the age of 14 and has opened up many bakeries around France and even Chicago. Whilst working in one of his bakeries in the town of Dole in Eastern France, he would often see a homeless man, Jérôme Aucant outside the bakery begging for coins, and instead of chasing him away Flamant would regularly come out and offer him a coffee and a croissant. It was a good deed that did not go unnoticed.

Flamant was baking bread when he started feeling to feel unwell. His partner at the bakery, Monique Guillemin said, “He’d been feeling very tired for several days, ever since someone came to fix the bread oven."

It turned out that the oven wasn’t properly repaired and was leaking carbon monoxide - an odourless but toxic substance when inhaled without proper ventilation.

Flamant continued baking regardless of feeling more and more drowsy to the point where he lost consciousness. At the same time, Aucant walked into the bakery to get out of the cold and seeing the baker, instantly pulled him out of the bakery and phoned the emergency services.

Flamant told French press company AFP, “That day, if Jérôme hadn’t popped into the bakery, I was headed straight for the boulevard of the departed,” Ms. Guillemin also commented, “The firemen said he would have been dead within a quarter of an hour... the doctors said he was incredibly lucky.”

Upon his return, Flamant offered Jérôme a job as his apprentice, which he accepted and after a few days the baker could already see potential and Jérôme’s willingness. Flamant, who wil be giving his bakery to Jérôme in September, commented in the interview saying, “What’s more important: money or life? I’m not rich but I don’t give a damn about money. I want to be free, to be at peace now, and if it can make him happy, so much the better.” Flamant ended with,“I’m leaving him a place of work, now it’s up to him to make it work.”

We put our hands up to Michel Flamant and hope to see some more of this selfless goodness in our world.