Poolside Dive - ‘Lost In Texas’ - Single Review

Indie | Wednesday 26th June 2013 | Will

Fans of UK independent music will certainly, by now, be somewhat familiar with the term ‘B-town’. The name, facetiously coined in 2012 to pigeonhole the current wave of baggy, guitar fuelled, Britpop influenced Indie acts emerging from Birmingham, has brandished names such as Peace, Swim Deep, JAWS, and Superfood and truly engulfed the ‘indiesphere’ - putting Birmingham firmly on the map.

One band clearly influenced by this movement, however, are ‘B-towners’ of a different ilk. Poolside Dive, a brand new quintet from Biggleswade, have recently self-released their debut single ‘Lost In Texas’, and, without even playing a show, have begun to receive attention.

‘Lost In Texas’ instantly has the jangle-y, etherial guitars and baggy beats that have become so synonymous with post-2011 Birmingham bands. Joe Savage’s unusual but ultimately interesting and unique croon pulls the track through an emotionally scarred but surprisingly upbeat verse. Yet, it is the chorus that provides the main curveball here, as they deviate somewhat from the tried and tested ‘B-town’ formula.

Suddenly Savage’s voice reaches a high usually reserved for acts such as YouMeAtSix and Kids In Glass Houses; yelping the refrain “Because I got lost, lost in Texas!”. Do a little research and you’ll find evidence of an emo/pop-punk past for some members of Poolside Dive, but they’ve forgone the painted nails and guyliner of youth for a fuzz box and a Fender, with the influences of artists such as General Fiasco and, teenage band of the moment, The 1975 strongly evident.

‘Lost In Texas’ has the hazy guitars, the strong but slacked beats, and the lazy yet clear vocal delivery that made 2012 midlands so exciting; but with nods towards the feminine, vulnerable, and potentially irritating stylings of prepubescent angst. Poolside Dive are morphing this currently popular style and certainly risk dividing opinions . . .


But there’s certainly nothing wrong with dividing opinion. Decide for yourself if this hybrid is to your taste by downloading their single for free from the link below:


Will Crosby