Fidel Castro Tells The USA To Not Forget Cuba’s Past

Other | Tuesday 29th March 2016 | Tom

Relations between Cuba and America might be thawing but Fidel Castro has told The USA ‘we do not need the empire to give us anything’.


Castro who has always been seen as one of The US’s traditional enemies remains influential in The Communist Party of Cuba following his retirement in 2008. And in a strongly worded letter he broke his silence regarding the first visit of an American President since 1959.

With the estimated 638 assassination attempts on Castro’s life it is no wonder he is not in the mood to forgive and forget.


In a stereotypically long letter entitled ‘Brother Obama’ Castro recounted the history of Cuban-US relations, including the CIA backed ‘Bay of Pigs’ invasion and the trade embargo that started in 1960.

Amongst more contemporary issues Castro stated that he felt that Cuba’s reinvented tourism industry was a way for large foreign corporations to dominate its market, taking billion dollar profits 'for granted'.

Obama had hoped for Cuba to forget the past, aiming for a new future of 'hope and togetherness'.

Castro replied, 'I suppose all of us were at risk of a heart attack upon hearing these words from the president of the United States.'