Bad Hombre, Barack Obama?

Other | Tuesday 7th March 2017 | Parmis

In yet another tweet delight from the man himself, we have what appears to be a newly retired President, Barack Obama, being accused of tapping the new President Trump’s phone during the Presidential campaign.

With nothing but a small summary of context to go on, Trump claims that Obama tapped his phone during the ‘sacred’ electoral process; likening the accusation to ‘Nixon/Watergate’ and even going to the lengths of calling Obama a ‘bad (or sick) guy’ for doing so.

This is what Trump says. So what do the professionals have to say?

James Comey – Director of the FBI: Reportedly responded by asking the US Department of Justice to dismiss the allegations as false.

James Clapper - Obama’s Director of National Intelligence: Labelled the accusations as “unequivocally false”.

Sean Spicer - White House Press Secretary: Claims that Trump has been made aware of “very troubling” reports “concerning potentially politically motivated investigations immediately ahead of the 2016 election.”

So could it be true? Could beloved Barack be a ‘bad hombre’ after all? Stay tuned to Trump’s tweets for further information.