Saying goodbye to a legend: George Martin

Indie | Thursday 10th March 2016 | Teresa

The music industry has lost another legend this week with the passing of George Martin, 'the fifth Beatle.'

At 90 years old, George Martin, a truly influential figure in the music industry has passed away. Martin, then part of EMI, was the first to sign The Beatles in their infancy. Martin took a chance on The Beatles and helped shape their talents into a developed sound that would sell to the masses.

Although over the years Martin and The Beatles disputed over his role in creating their iconic sound, with John Lennon specifically challenging his accreditation, these statements were later retracted. Following Martin's passing, Paul McCartney has stated on his website that Martin "rightfully earned the title of the Fifth Beatle." Martin's legacy in the music industry will not be forgotten, his experimentalism helped The Beatles develop the sound we've all come to know and love.