Swiss band 77 Bombay Street share new track Seven Mountains

Indie | Thursday 3rd March 2016 | Lilly

MTV Award nominated, double platinum-selling band 77 Bombay Street are set to release their new single 'Seven Mountains' with B-side 'Once & Only' on the 25th March via Gadget Records.

The four brothers - Matt, Joe, Simri-Ramon and Esra Buchli - draw common comparisons to The Beatles, Snow Patrol and Kings of Leon although the band say they seldom listen to contemporary music, being driven by their own life experiences as influence. “The lead single 'Seven Mountains' is a reference to our ups and downs. As a band, we have really been shaken about over the past few years: we had to find ourselves anew,“ says Matt Buchli.

While searching for themselves, 77 Bombay Street has really developed in leaps and bounds. The vocals on the new EP have a noticeable confidence. In terms of their style too, they have explored new genres, adding elements of classic to their more usual folk-rock style. For the first time ever, they have supplemented their acoustic sound with stringed and wind instruments. Despite being in their seventh year, there isn’t a hint of a seven-year itch here; this is all about a brave new Bombay sound.

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