Britain First Stage Failed Protest Outside Whitechapel Mosque

Other | Wednesday 2nd March 2016 | Ashleigh-Rose

A handful of Britain First members staged a ‘protest’ outside an East London mosque. The groups Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen stood outside the building in Whitechapel brandishing a cross, whilst the rest of the group clutched a banner that read ‘Taking our Country Back’.


After a brief argument with the police where Fransen accuses an officer of being a ‘traitor’ the group move on. All in all the ‘protest’ was a failure from start to finish.


Britain First has grown from a far right hate group to a political party, albeit one with very little support. The group’s main rhetoric is islamaphobic and they can often be found declaring that the UK is heading towards a civil war with Muslims.


Luckily the majority of their hate speech falls on deaf ears and their protests and processions are often met with anti-racism protesters. Britain First’s slogans may declare that they are ‘taking our country back’, but they seem to be forgetting that Britain is a country which has been built on immigration. 


Anyway, we here at Guestlist love the UK just the way it is, full of amazing people from different cultures and backgrounds, all of which contribute towards making Britain the amazing country it is today.