Skepta Returns To Nigeria

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 2nd March 2016 |

In an 2011 interview with the legendary grime artist Skepta, we spoke about many things from doing shows in clubs and performing 3 songs to having people waiting outside a SKEPTA show shouting his name then to calling his first album greatest hits in 2007. Junior (His real name) also touched on about when he returned to his parents home town in Nigeria with with his mum, dad and brother JME to perform shows for family and the local commuinity. Skepta told us about the mad love he was shown whilst being flooded with emotions from everyone there. Skepta is many things, lyrical mastermind, energetic showman and definatly a man of his word, I say this as we spoke about what he would like to do to give back to the commuinity there in Nigeria like a workshop for the kids and families there.

Now its 2016, 28th of Febuary, Skepta posts 3 pictures to his instagram (@Skeptagram) of a playground back in Nigeria.  Skepta recieved nothing but praise and love for these post as you dont see alot of artist ever giving back these days. The following post come with telling the massive fan base that is BOY BETTER KNOW that the co-founder is contuining to develop this land in hope the kids find talents within them. Finally to put the icing on the cake of what would warm anybodys heart is Skepta’s mother, openining the playground along with the caption “My Queen”. Nothing but respect for the grime saviours Skepta and JME, I know for sure I’m not the only one to see more of this project!