Lil Debbie: Bay Area Rapper Killin' it in London

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 25th February 2016 | Teresa

Last night in Dalston, Bay Area rapper Lil Debbie rolled out, clad in all white velvet, and killed her first show in London. This is her first time touring outside the US, and she's proved that she's the boss bitch to watch out for in 2016. 

Born and raised in the Bay Area, 26 year old Jordan Capozzi grew up in the epicenter of the hyphy movement, which produced rap legends like Mac Dre and Keak da Sneak. Capozzi studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design and Mercahndising, but later dropped out and pursued music after being part of the White Girl Mob with Kreayshawn and V-Nasty. The rapper didn't initally intend to start rapping, and actually started out by helping Kreayshawn with the music and styling in her videos, but later got into rapping and pursued a solo rap career after splitting from the White Girl Mob in 2011.



In an industry so male-dominated, Lil Debbie's doing her thing, and making a big name for herself as a female rapper. She's got a unique style and has continued to grow as an artist since leaving the White Girl Mob. Thus far, she's collabed with close friend RiFF RaFF, Wiz Khalifa, Yellow Claw, French rapper Wacko (who also made an appearance at the show last night), and Paul Wall among others. Lil Debbie's been in the rap game for more than a minute now, and everything she's accomplished has been the product of her hard work. With good reason, she's proud that she's not one of the artists paying her way to the top. 

2016 already looks like a big year for the HBIC, with her first European tour, Debbie's doing big shit. She may be little, but Debbie goes hard. Last night, she spat some mean raps, while shaking her cakes and going dumb, all in a white velvet bodysuit. She's as cute as her name sounds, but she's also a bad ass bitch that knows how to get the crowd hyped. The stage was small and the venue was intimate, but as soon as the bass dropped and Debbie started rapping, everyone went ape shit. It was probably one of the most bangin' shows I've ever been to, and the intimacy of it, made you feel like you were just kickin' it with Debbie. Her raps are clever, catchy, and energetic, and are reminiscent of her life in the Bay; but, they are also reminiscent of her growth as an artist and the process of making it in the music industry. She keeps it real, rapping for herself, and throwing up a big middle finger to everyone hating on her. 



Probably one of the best things about the show, was when she got off stage after her set and chilled with fans. It wasn't even some hella planned out meet and greet that you often get at other concerts. It was literally Lil Debbie just being real and kickin' it with fans. I chatted to her for a hot second, and she was really personable and seemed stoked to be doing shows in Europe. As someone who grew up in the Bay Area, it's tight to see a deserving artist like Debbie moving up in the industry and having her fan base grow, especially on an international scale. In terms of female rappers, I'd say she's one to watch out for in 2016. 


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