Playlist for Guestlist | Dossa & Locuzzed Top 10 Viper records

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 23rd February 2016 | Arren

Dossa & Locuzzed drop us their top 10 Viper records.

Last year the mighty Viper started The Sound of Drum & Bass, a new compilation series that went mad across the globe. Such was its popularity, the album hit number 12 in the official UK Dance Album charts with 25 of the biggest tracks representing drum & bass to maximum effect.

Following this huge debut wouldn’t be an easy task, but Viper know how it's done and are preparing for round two. The Sound of Drum & Bass 2016 is out this Friday and features 29 of the biggest drum & bass records right now.

Music from Noisia & The Upbeats, Rene LaVice and Tantrum Desire features with a staggering 12 exclusives from legends J Majik, North Base and Wickaman, along with some fresher faces like Insomniax, Killer Hertz and Six Blade.

Dossa & Locuzzed are back on Viper with their fresh cut, Bad, for the compilation. To celebrate its release they’ve shared with us their top 10 records from Viper Recordings.

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1. Acts of Mad Men LP

"We think this LP was a game changer, so it's too hard to choose just one track from it. Exclusive cuts from Camo & Krooked, Nero, DC Breaks & more - and all of them are on point!"

2. Brookes Brothers - Dawn Treader (feat. Futurebound)

"This track has such a unique vibe, can't believe this was released 8 years ago."

3. Camo & Krooked - Feel Your Pulse

"Taken from Camo & Krooked's "Pulse of Time EP" on Viper Recordings. Still love this track!"

4. Cyantific - No More Heroes

"This one gets played in nearly every set of us - always goes off."

5. Mob Tactics - Get Dirty

"Mob Tactics are on fire right now, this is their latest release and it's incredible!!!"

6. BMotion & Chords - Discotheque

"BMotion is one of our favourite producers at the moment. The Funk is strong with this one!"

7. The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot

"This was probably one of the most played out tracks in 2014 - and it's still going off! Great work from The Prototypes right here."

8. Metrik - Drift

"Forward thinking Drum & Bass by Metrik. The techno-influence in this track is just next level."

9. Inside Info & Smooth - Hear Me Roar

"Funky bit from Inside Info & Smooth, we love this track!"

10. Insomniax - Uridium

"Latest release by Insomniax, and they smashed it! This track blew our ears away when we first heard it - Insomniax have been killing it lately!"

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