NextBit's Robin, "Never Runs Out of Storage"

Other | Friday 19th February 2016 | Arash

No matter which phone you have, the one main issue that everyone seems to face is lack of storage…until now!

No more tough decisions between which apps, songs and beloved images and videos to delete in order to make some much needed space on your smartphone.

A start-up company called Nextbit pitched a smartphone named, “Robin,” which is to never run out of storage space. They pitched their concept on Kickstarter with a goal of $500,000 in order to make their project a reality.

To date, they have raised $1,362,343 and now the phone is finally complete and on sale to the public. The phone has 32GB of storage on the phone itself and 100GB of storage in the Cloud.

Robin works by moving your least used files and moves them into the Cloud for safekeeping until you want them again, at which point you can download them straight back onto your device. Whenever it’s connected to Wi-Fi, Robin automatically backs up your files and notifies you via four dots that light up on the back.

Take a look at the video below to see how it all works: