Death of a Batchelor or death of a band?

Indie | Wednesday 17th February 2016 | Ollie

With only 1 original member left, has Panic! At the Disco survived?

This is a band that has soldiered on through numerous lineup changes but has managed to keep the authenticity that made the band what it is today, and that is owed to founding member and lead singer Brendan Urie.

This album takes the band back to its pop rock roots with their usual theatre-esque theme throughout. It also has some obvious commercial numbers such as the electronic “Death of a Batchelor”, but the lead feel-good single “Hallelujah” with its large orchestral section and smooth guitar licks takes the top spot, standing up to tunes by heavyweights like Fall Out Boy.

A lot of work has clearly gone into this album and it shows. This is a band that found a fresh take on its original sound. The question is will they be able to top it?